WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

As college students, we are always on the look out for internships that will put our skills to the ultimate test. In the corporate world, dressing the part is everything. However, going from early morning sweatpants to a proper professional look can be intimidating to construct for the first time. Luckily, this Fashionisto pulled together the perfect outfit that will impress any future colleague.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, this Fashionisto was spotted in a very business-savvy look. He keeps things simple and sleek in navy and white. This Fashionisto’s white button-down from Zara appears to be nothing out of the ordinary. However, it’s made of a lightweight fabric that will keep this busy intern cool during the day, and it has a uniquely intricate pattern.

This Fashionisto rounds out his look with a pair of navy suit pants and matching blazer. His oxford shoes range in hues of navy, brown and gray. This style of shoe is a great investment for any Fashionisto because the leather design will last through the years, and they can easily transform any outfit from day to night or casual to formal.

Whatever future internship comes your way, you want to be prepared mentally and physically. As young men beginning to make their debut into the real world, it is important to not only keep up academically but also fashionably. Now is the time to start building up a professional wardrobe that will carry you through interviews, internships and long-term careers.

I have heard that first impressions are everything; put this old adage to the test as you kick-start your career with a new and accomplished wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Trade out those dress pants for a pair of dark-washed jeans and you’re ready for a fancy date night. Depending on the weather, you can choose to leave the blazer at home or bring it along for layering. You’ll for sure win your date over in this clean-cut look.

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