WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

I happened to spot this Fashionista as I was driving to my “scouting” spot. Her gorgeous cobalt blue body-con midi dress  from Topshop with strategically placed shoulder cut-outs is perfect for any fashion intern or fashion lover.

This gorgeous Fashionista favored a natural face with a bright pink lip color and minimal jewelry and revealed she opts for bags as her statement accessory rather than jewelry. Her black oversized bag is from WERA Stockholm. Her Urban Outfitters boots are sand-colored suede with eyelet hole and lace details. She pairs them with thrifted fluffy striped socks to complete her eclectic look.

This Fashionista described her style as eclectic and evolving. When I asked her what influenced her outfit she said she was going for a minimalistic punk/boho look. Turns out she’s a hairstylist, which explains her completely rocking Afro faux-hawk!

It was fun to find out that this Fashionista and I had more than our love of fashion in common. We also share a love of specks! I gushed over how much I admired her see-through frames and lamented on the emptiness that fills me whenever my glasses are absent from my face. We agreed that the glasses serve as our version of jewelry!

One Simple Change: Need festival wear? Switch out the black oversized bag for a smaller neutral colored cross-body bag. Add a fringe vest and of course it’s not a festival unless there’s a flower crown!

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