WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Students with summer internships are full into the swing of things! Co-workers are getting to know the interns more, and the interns are getting more comfortable in the workplace. Interns, although you might be feeling more at ease and the nerves are gone, that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t dress to impress!

This Fashionisto is casual and comfortable perfect for the OBEY headquarters in Irvine, California. Even though his ensemble leans toward the more casual side, he is still sporting some trends. The cut-off shorts are perfect for the California weather. His three-quarter length top gives him the perfect temperature in the workplace. We cant forget to mention his printed Vans. Those will definitely grab the viewer’s attention. They scream beach and summer all day. Before running out the door he also throws on a hat for style and to block the sun from his view. With a longboard and a smile, he is ready to take on the day and get some of that hands-on experience during his internship!

One Simple Change: Switch the three-quarter length top for a tank and he is ready for a heat wave!

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