WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

When you go off to college, getting an internship is very important. You get experience in the line of work you are interested in, make great connections and hopefully find future job opportunities for yourself. About to enter my junior year in college and interning for CollegeFashionista, I can’t express how happy I am to do something I love and knowing that it will benefit me in the near future. When my next internship opportunity rolls around, I want to know what is and what isn’t appropriate to wear for my interview. I want to make a good impression, but I also want to wear something that’s going to make me stand out from everyone else and something that’s going to make that company remember me. Those first impressions can go a long way.

One thing I do know is when preparing an outfit for an internship interview, you want to stay away from color. One reason is because it’s very similar to a job interview. You want to wear neutral colors like navy, black, brown, nude or gray. Those are more relaxed colors. You don’t want to wear something too loud, bright, or busy.

This Fashionista is wearing an outfit that’s perfect for an internship interview. I love that it’s very chic, but also very professional. She is wearing a navy silk polka-dot blouse from T.J.Maxx with a black high-waisted pencil skirt from Forever 21. Her powder pink/nude ankle strap heels are very sexy and sophisticated. Her trendy accessories adds the cherry on top. With an outfit like this, this Fashionista is guaranteed that internship position!

To achieve this look, all you need is a dressy top and a skirt (and it doesn’t have to be high-waisted). The key to this look is the colors. Your colors should always remain neutral. As far as your accessories go, all you need is a chunky necklace, a skinny belt to go around the skirt and a pair of earrings that’s going to bring your look together…and make you stand out. After this Fashionista gets the internship, she can feel free to wear her bright and bold colors but still keeping it professional at the same time.

One Simple Change: Say for instance after the internship interview, you wanted to have a girl’s night out? All you need is a pair of nice cropped denim jeans to make your look a bit more casual.

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