WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Business casual is often a concept that many can’t quite wrap their head around. We wonder, how can we make our outfit fashionable but appropriate for the work place? This kind of knowledge comes with experience. As we work more in the office, and start placing ourselves in the work environment, we will begin to understand the mysteries that lie in the realm of business casual.

I spotted this Fashionista while visiting the CNN headquarters in Atlanta. She is a CNN intern with a great sense of style and chicness. Her ensemble consists of a black, button-down dress with a collar and matching skinny belt. She wears hose and a Mary Jane kitten heel.  For accessories, she wears an elegant statement necklace from J.Crew along with a black handbag. The dress is of appropriate length and the shoes are functional yet fashionable. The hose is a good idea because, all in all, she is able to show a bare leg, but in reality it’s covered. It also covers up any bruises or bites that might be visible. She presents that it is possible to be fashionable, but appropriate in the workplace.

It is important that we think about what we wear in different occasions and environments. We want to be ourselves, but we also want to reflect our good character and morals, especially when we are working.

One Simple Change: What is business casual without blazer? Throw on a blazer with some color! Or better yet, try a black blazer and maybe decorate it with a brooch or two!

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