WHAT TO WEAR: Internship Success

Spring-like weather is on its way to Michigan, which means that the summer is not far behind. Though we are slowly but surely making our way through midterms at the University of Michigan, the search for summer internships continue to cloud our heads as we have just a few short months left of the semester. While some students have their summer plans set in stone, others, like our Fashionisto, are in the midst of second and third round interviews in the hopes of an offer. This Guru was spotted in front of Yost Ice Arena on the way home from an important meeting when this look was captured. While he has yet to secure a coveted position for the summer, it is important to be prepared with fine clothing when a professional opportunity rolls around.

Pairing a classic navy blue suit with a simple button-down shirt and striped tie, this Fashionisto was dressed perfectly to make a lasting impression. The light blue squares in his button-down contrast nicely with the darker blues found in his suit and tie, even bringing out the shades of blue in his eyes. His look is professional yet attracts attention when seen from across a room. The yellow in his tie is bold, but not too overbearing for the garments he pairs with it. By securing a Windsor Knot near the collar of his button-down, our Fashionisto’s look is elegant and extremely appropriate for an internship interview. Whether the jacket is buttoned or unbuttoned, there is no doubt that our Fashionisto will be taken seriously in the boardroom. Plus, how could a Michigan Wolverine go wrong with a little maize and blue.

To complete this look, our Fashionisto chose to wear a silver Fossil watch with a brown leather band. This creates a timeless appearance, as these watches never seem to go out of style. The brown meshes well with the neutrals color in his ensemble, only drawing attention to his wrist when light is reflected off the watch’s face. His black dress shoes tie everything together as they are the last accessory seen when looking at our Fashionisto from head to toe. Though his outfit is intended specifically to impress a potential employer, our Fashionisto makes sure to be himself, wearing two elastic wristbands that have special meaning to him. He is able to keep them out of sight by tucking them into his sleeve when necessary, but knows they are there to bring him good luck on interview day. Though there is still plenty of time to land that perfect internship, if you follow our Fashionisto’s lead, you are sure to be the most stylish applicant in the room.

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