WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Many would say that first impressions are important, so it’s always good to be overly prepared for an interview. The experience alone can be stressful enough. Making sure everything, from the perfect answers are rehearsed to having a great outfit picked out will be the key to a successful and relaxed interview process.

This Fashionisto was spotted wearing a trendy getup that was interview ready for any given season. He kept it simple by wearing a classic, plaid button-down from Banana Republic. His kept the rest of his outfit trendy with a pair of burgundy colored chinos. The colored pants are a must for summer but are also versatile enough to be worn during the fall, winter or spring. The plaid patterned shirt was basic and added a pop of color to his polished look. To keep it appropriate for an interview but not over the top, he added a solid navy blue tie. The colors in his interview attire allowed this Fashionisto to stand out from the crowd while still being business appropriate.

When interviewing remember to plan ahead and relax. It’s important to find what you love and wish to pursue. Pick an outfit that is appropriate but allows you to separate yourself from others and complements you well. Remember to just be yourself!

One Simple Change: Instead of wearing a tie, try slipping on a neutral sport coat or blazer with a pocket square. It’s the perfect go-to look that will still have yo appearing professional, trendy and ready to take on the world.

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