WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

It is in the summertime that we find ourselves printing out resumes, dressed to the nines with our fingers crossed and hoping to land that coveted summer job. When it comes to interviews, dressing up is always a good idea. I spotted these Fashionistos outside of Shafer and had to get a shot of them all together. Their looks are both professional and interesting. These Fashionistos show how effective an adventurous pop of color can be when it comes to a more formal look.

The bright colors draw in the eye and bring a vibrant energy. The red handkerchief that this Fashionisto on the far left has on really brings the look together and makes it interesting. The Fashionistos on the far left and middle both wore a thin gray pant. The gray is a good background color that makes the other colors in the look more accentuated. I especially adore the coral jacket. Coral has always been a wonderful color, but I really have enjoyed the color for this summer season. I love how adventurous the coral color is especially in menswear. This coral jacket could be a hit at an interview — not only is it a bold color, but there is warmth that comes from the coral tone. The middle Fashionisto went with purple as his secondary color and it adds an interesting contrast with the coral. I think that this Fashionisto went for a unique look and pulled it off beautifully. The Fashionisto in the middle really finished off the look cohesively with brown loafers and a bold sock choice.

Now, about this yellow pant! I am a huge fan of this Fashionito’s look on the far right. This is definitely one of the most individualized and dynamic suit looks I have seen this summer. The pop of yellow is so refreshing to see in menswear. The Fashionisto on the far right went with a gutsy bright blue tie. The blue also makes the yellow pant more cohesive with the look. He finished off the rest of the look with neutral tones and a great watch. The look is bold, simplistic, crisp and a fun approach to the summertime suit.

One Small Change: The only thing that could make these three Fashionistos’ looks better would be adding a hat, like the classic porkpie hat, for a fancy night out on the town. Fashionistos and Fashionistas, use the summertime to adventure with bold color choices and adventurous combinations!

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