WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Interviews can be really scary. First impressions are everything. And the motto that I love to say is “look good, feel good.” Meaning that if you’re wearing something that showcases your best clothes and demonstrates your style, you’ll feel great about whatever you have to do next.

This Fashionisto showcases his very best in his perfect interview outfit. A button-down shirt is a necessity for an interview. It’s better to be over-dressed for the job than way too casual. Try a button-down like this from Ralph Lauren. The checkered print is flattering and fun. Punch it up by using great colors just like this Fashionisto. These colors are brought out again in his pants. This Fashionisto’s pants are more unusual in that the fabric is sort of two-toned. It makes a solid pant more interesting. Try these J.Crew pants for a similar look. The final part that ties his outfit together are his shoes. Fun and sophisticated, they’re perfect for any occasion that needs to be somewhat formal. Cole Haan has a bunch of different colors that can match any outfit. Dress like this Fashionisto and you’ll definitely nail any interview!

One Simple Change: Throw on a pair of jeans for a more casual look that you could wear to class or even a date!


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