The summer is always full of adventures. From impromptu beach weekends to daylong barbecues, it feels like summer is a constant state of change. It is exciting, of course, but there is part of me that cannot wait to get back to the simplicity of having a routine and being back in school. Cozying up to some data-filled textbooks is an inevitable part of getting back into the swing of classes, and although I haven’t seen the inside of a library in many a months, this Fashionista showed me what to wear on my next library stay.

The key to a good library outfit is to look put together but still feel comfortable. Although many opt for yoga pants and a hoodie, this type of careless outfit lends itself to a careless attitude while studying. Instead, follow this Fashionista’s lead and get a pair of flattering, but comfortable, bottoms that won’t bother you during your stay. Zip leggings are a good compromise between sweats and real pants. She paired her comfy pants with a classic chambray shirt. This button-down is casual but still makes it look like she got dressed for the day.

This Fashionista kept her accessories minimal but they still gave personality to her simple outfit. She wore a silver watch to keep track of study time and a few simple rings. She also wore a fringe necklace, which complemented her boho side braid.

One Simple Change: Swap out the comfy pants for something a little more practical. Wear a pair of dressier shorts in a simple print to make this outfit ready for a study break out with friends.

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