In case you haven’t noticed yet, I truly believe in making every day a runway day. It means that no matter where you go or who you’re going with your outfit should be sublime — making you stand out in a unique and graceful way. I also think campuses are very rich grounds when it comes to finding people who celebrate life through fashion and encountering this Fashionista proved me right.

When we met she was having a busy afternoon. Not on a shopping spree but looking through various libraries in the search for a specific book. I was surprised by how chic she was under such a stressful situation (we all have looked in three or more stores for that pair of shoes, let alone a book we need), but she told me that once comfort and style get together, everything is good.

Indeed, her outfit was all about being cool, collected and classy. The versatility of a simple black shirt makes it a must in every occasion. The neutral color of the skirt was a brilliant choice.  Like Aubrey Hepburn said, “I believe in pink,” and, in this case, it’s the perfect hint of style without drawing too much attention. The boots give it a country touch, ideal to keep this look on a casual style.

Finally, the accessories complement the entire outfit. Mix and match to create a set of bracelets for a unique way of making a fashion statement. The black necklace was a very smart choice but what really caught my eyes was the bag. The silver straps distinguish from others I have seen before and the considerable size is much appreciated when studying requires us to carry more than our weight in books. Similar bags can be found easily, but make sure you choose the right material to keep it from being ruined in a short matter of time.

One Simple Change: While leaving on your skirt, throw on a pair of heels and you ready for a girl’s night out.



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