Going to the library at the height of summer might seem like an awful idea but sadly time is flying! Getting a jump-start on your course work is never a bad idea.

I spotted this Fashionista outside the library building digging through her DIY LeSportsac tote bag. I asked her about the designs on her bag. She said she enjoys doodling so she bought this particular style of bag to draw on. She even accessorized it with three of the cutest charms I’ve ever seen, which she scored from Teen Vogue.

But the pièce de résistance was this Fashionista’s gorgeous jacket! It perfectly embodies the spring and summer seasons. Jackets are essential for library visits because you never know if the room you are in will end up being a freezer. Comfort, after all, is conducive to proper studying. This Fashionista took advantage of her crazy printed jacket by adding it to an otherwise simple outfit. She managed to stay on-trend and be comfortable all at the same time.

She paired her jacket with a bright blue slouchy blouse and her favorite jean capris. Don’t forget that whether you are going to the library or to a cocktail party, jewelry is essential,  critical even! I’m not saying to wear a huge statement necklace or huge hoops in your ear but in most cases, your accessories will finish your outfits.

This Fashionista sported a simple two-strand necklace and a couple of mismatched bangles to complete her look. Also she wore a pair of rubber sandals from Payless that in my opinion are the most comfortable and cutest shoes ever!

The overall tip for library fashion is to stay comfortable! You need to be able to relax and study, so wear clothes that will help accomplish this goal. You can, like this Fashionista, make a comfortable outfit fashionable by adding pops of color or cool accessories.

One Simple Change: Keep the jacket and add a statement necklace. Swap the shirt for a charcoal boyfriend shirt with a pair of burgundy pencil jeans and a pair of sparkly heels and you are ready for date night!

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