I feel like I’ve been championing the glory of a beach-filled, sun-kissed summer in my most recent posts, but the fact of the matter is, some of us are spending more time indoors rather than outdoors. For those of us trucking through summer school or studying for the MCAT, LSAT or any of the other post-undergraduate exams, spending time in the library is all too real. For those intrepid souls picking up a pencil and notebook in lieu of slurpees and sunscreen, this post is for you.

Choosing what to wear to the library can be a difficult task. Comfort is key, obviously, but you also don’t want to look like the Loch Ness Monster in sweatpants. This Fashionista looks prepared to hit the books in roomy as well as trendy clothing. Loose-fitting jeans are a good alternative to sweatpants. I’m sure some girls have developed an aversion to the snug, but balloon-like pants, especially since the opposite gender constantly berates the “girls-wearing-sweatpants-and-UGGs.” Unlike the criticized sweatpants, jeans are one of those articles of clothing that will always be in style and accepted by the fashion world. So all you fashion-conscious folk, I advise you to find a comfortable pair of jeans and dub them your ‘study pants‘.

Now moving on from the jeans and onto the other components of this Fashionista’s ensemble. Her flowy top is spacious enough to keep it from becoming a distraction during study hours and it’s super in vogue as it pays tribute to the peplum fad that’s become quite the rage this season. Thus, the key is to find a cool top to pair with your jeans. No one wants to wear tight clothes when studying, so I recommend men’s flannel because it’s more spacious than women’s flannel. With the library’s air conditioning, a long-sleeved shirt with proper ventilation is ideal.

Last, but not least, the shoes. This Fashionista chooses wisely by selecting a pair of simple flats. Our shoes also have to be comfortable when we study, which is why so many of us go with the notorious UGGs. Flats are comfy AND classy, so next time you get ready to pull out your UGGs when heading to the library, try going for your favorite flats instead. At the very least, the boys won’t call you one of those “girls-wearing-sweatpants-and-UGGs.”

One Simple Change: If you’re going from the library to an interview, just throw a blazer into the back of your car. When you’re done studying, put the blazer over a top like this Fashionista’s and go win over that interviewer!

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