WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

Dating in college is about as clear as mud. Over the course of various rendezvouses with that certain someone, a few questions may begin to trouble your brain. “We’ve been hanging out a lot lately. Could we ever be more than friends?” “We’ve hooked up a few times. Are we a thing now?” “I like what we have now, but are we exclusive? Is it too soon to put a label on this?”

These are the questions that plague the minds of young adults everywhere. The answers come in various forms at even more varied points in the relationship. One move that is guaranteed to answer all your questions is being asked to meet the other person’s parents. If someone goes out of their way to introduce you to their parents, you can bet your shoe money that you are more than a fling to them. People typically don’t waste time introducing their parents to someone who will be gone from their life in the next week or so.

While meeting the parents can be an honor, it is also extremely nerve-wracking because everything you do will be under constant scrutiny – especially the way you dress. First impression is everything and you don’t want the parents to be so turned off by your clothing that they don’t even give your personality a chance. My advice is to play it safe. Go with something that isn’t likely to offend or startle the faint of heart, unless of course you have heard stories about how awesome and hardcore the parents are, then by all means, go all out. Since most parents aren’t that “hip” take my advice and play it safe.

This week’s Fashionista was spotted in an outfit perfectly suitable for a parental introduction. In her upcycled muted floral dress from the 1990s, no one would have any qualms about introducing her to mom and pop. The floral print suggests a childlike sweetness, leading the ‘rents to envision her as one of their own; however, the olive background, the monochromatic print and the brown leather accessories lend a sense of maturity and sophistication to the look.

To capture this look when it is your time to meet your significant other’s parents, try this dress from ASOS that has the very essence of the dress pictured above. If floral isn’t your cup of tea but you still want to accomplish that sweet sophistication, try a sweet and feminine lace.

One Simple Change: Swap out the floral dress for one of a solid color and this look is perfect for a presentation. When giving a presentation, you want all the focus to be on your work, not on what you’re wearing, so simple is better.


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