WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

When he finally tells you it’s time to meet his parents, you’ll probably be happy because it means your relationship has reached the next level but it can be a very stressful situation too. For this occasion you want to make the best impression possible and you want to show all your good attributes. What you wear to meet them can give them a very good or very bad first impression. Since first impressions can’t be changed, you have to look your best. This means you have to wear nice clothes but nothing too over the top.

For me, this Fashionista is the perfect example of what to wear when you’re going to meet your boyfriend’s parents. The whole look is kind of formal but there’s nothing too extravagant in her outfit. She’s wearing high-waisted camel pants with black boots, a long-sleeved shirt and a bag. To lighten up the outfit she wears a white scarf.

The pants, accessorized with a thin belt, make her look sophisticated paired with knee-high boots. The shirt is a perfect basic that works for every occasion. The cross-body bag is a very delicate accessory that gives the outfit a feminine touch.

When meeting the parents always go with something classic and discreet. Remember you’re communicating something from head to toe so you want to communicate the right thing. It’s better to overwhelm them with your personality than your outfit.

One Simple Change: Instead of a long-sleeved shirt, wear a crop top, change the boots for some sandals and loose the scarf. Then you’ll have the perfect weekend wear.

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