WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

The time has come to meet your honey’s parents. You’ve been waiting for this day since he first told you he loved you between two forkfuls of tiramisu. While the nerves may keep you from thinking rationally, you can’t help telling yourself that they key is to make a great first impression so they remember you for all the right reasons!

The biggest rule is to take the setting into consideration. Dress appropriately by bearing in mind the location of the meeting as well as the season. It would be a tad embarrassing if you showed up to a Sunday brunch wearing short shorts and a crop top to a Sunday brunch or a maxi to a barbeque. The possible future in-laws will appreciate your consideration.

My rule of thumb is to opt for a timeless look. Wear something classic and simple instead of trendy. Much like this Fashionista I am a big fan of the sheath dress. While hers is above the knee, the sleeves and the rounded collar keep it appropriate while the white give the look a fresh summer feel. By pairing it with comfortable black pumps and a matching clutch she keeps the outfit versatile yet put together. Remember that this is not the time for you to try a new style so keep your hairdo simple and your makeup light and natural.

After all is said and done, it’s important not to forget to put a touch of “you” into all this classicism. This Fashionista opted for tactful yet colorful earrings. She’s ready to not only meet the parents but has left room to let her personality and wit shine through.

One Simple Change: Swap the pumps for some espadrilles and the clutch for a long strand of beads for parents’ weekend!

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