WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

One of the things I love most about Boston University is the faculty and how easily accessible each and every professor has proved to be. Throughout my (almost) four years here, I’ve met with professors during and outside of their office hours. I’ve emailed back and forth with them and stayed after class to ask questions for what seems like countless hours about projects, assignments and life in general. I’ve never been the kind of person who is afraid to talk to professors because I’ve always felt comfortable around them. I mean that’s what they’re there for after all!

When you set up a meeting with a professor for the first time, it can be pretty daunting, especially if you’re not really sure what they’re like in a one-on-one setting. You want them to take you seriously and professionally, while still asking for help and admitting you don’t understand something or that you’re struggling. This Fashionista’s outfit has the perfect combination between professional and laidback that’ll boost your confidence a little when entering that office.

First of all, every BU student knows how awfully windy our campus can get. To avoid getting the chills, this Fashionista donned a useful scarf that isn’t too heavy; the wool is thick enough to keep her warm without weighing her down. Her double-breasted peacoat is light and easy to take on and off when constantly walking in and out of buildings. Its buttons add a sort of serious touch to the whole outfit and stand out in a sea of black and blue. This Fashionista wore the perfect pair of skinny jeans and beautiful black chelsea boots from Cole Haan, which she confessed she got on sale! Who doesn’t love a good sale?

Coffee is an obvious essential for any college student. Make sure you have a great tumbler that you can take with you everywhere. It’ll keep your coffee warm while you’re braving it out there in the freezing cold. I also find it hard to style my hair when my big puffy coat is constantly adding static and ruining whatever hairdo I’ve decided to wear that day. This Fashionista is wearing a simple, sleek ponytail, which is classic and also adds a touch of clean-cut professionalism to the look.

One Simple Change: With job and internship interviews right around the corner, switch those jeans out for a nice pair of corduroy trousers to make your outfit a bit more business casual and office appropriate.

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