WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

The one trend that I hope never goes extinct is plaid. I don’t know what the allure is, but something about plaid is just so right. It could be the millions of variations you can choose from, the cozy air it gives off or possibly the classic feel it has. Whatever the reason be, I strongly believe plaid should be a staple in every Fashionista/o’s closet.

This Fashionisto obviously caught my eye in an instant. He is doing plaid justice with this ensemble. The classic plaid button down is no hassle, perfect for this dreaded time of midterms. The blue and green color pairing is a nice variation from the classic red plaid too. Pairing the button down with some tan jeans was a great move on his part. The neutral color keeps the attention on the plaid and keeps the look clean. The ray bans are a great accessory for this ensemble; I mean it never hurts to look classic and cool.

You can look classic and cool too with this week’s fashionable finds. First we have this flannel from H&M. This plaid shirt is a no brainer. It comes in two color variations giving you some options and is a simple go to item when you’re short on time.  An added bonus, the price will be kind to your wallet. Throw this flannel on with your favorite denim and you are ready to take on midterms. Another option is this PacSun shirt. This hooded long sleeve shirt is perfect for the cooler weather of fall. The plaid design is unique and will set you apart. You can easily pair this long sleeve with some neutral colored denim and you will be the definition of classic and cool.

One Simple Change: Have a career fair to attend after midterms? This outfit will work for that too, all it needs is one simple addition. Layer a nice suit jacket or blazer over this ensemble and you will without a doubt impress all of those future employers.

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