WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

Somehow, the spring semester always goes faster than a pair of size seven Manolo pumps at a sample sale – trust me, it’s fast. After two snow weeks and a viral spread of procrastination, midterms have happened upon us. Confused college students can be spotted all over Emory’s campus wondering where the time went and how to cram half a semester of intro to sociology into their heads.

During this time, fashion can be pushed to the wayside as our peers frantically rush to the library, local Starbucks or counseling center in attempts to prepare for the anxiety ridden week ahead. This Fashionista shows that staying true to your personal style is not as hard as we might think during midterms.

Her secret? Pattern. She pairs red plaid pants and a green plaid jacket with a simple, gray T-shirt and neutral booties. If you have read any of my posts, you know I’m a sucker for tartan. Our fabulous Fashionista uses two subtle plaids to add pizzazz to her ensemble while not being overwhelming. The forest green goes well with the merlot pants while brighter colors may have clashed. Her well-placed basics beautifully complement the motif and keep her casual and comfortable. In four pieces, she has created an adorable and functional outfit for midterms!

One Simple Change: Swap the gray T-shirt for a white button-down to head to an internship (summer is coming quick!). Put your hair in a sleek topknot to add a little more professionalism, and you scream business casual meets cool girl chic.

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