Fall semester is only moments away. Students are wrapping up summer internships to gear up for the new school year. For some of the less fortunate, they are prepping for their last years in the life as we know it. Senior year is an incredibly terrifying year to approach, so it’s important to take full advantage of every last minute on campus. In those few days before classes start, head out to the quad on campus to hang out and soak up your sweet, sweet campus.

These two Fashionistas have the perfect outfits to wear for a day on the quad. They are similar, but both Fashionistas had their own twists on the look. They both wore slouchy tops with cardigans and skirts. The Fashionista on the left kept it casual up top, but spiced it up with a gold midi skirt. She paired it with a comfy pair of flats fit for a day of daytime strolling.

The Fashionista on the right also stuck with neutrals on the top but added a printed skirt, which brought some color into her look. Try one in a subtle floral print for some added interest. She paired her quad-ready look with contrasting leather Converse, which adds some roughness to her skirt and cardigan look.

One Simple Change: These casual looks are fit for a beautiful day out on the quad, but they can also be easily transitioned to school mode. Swap out the slouchy cardigan for a structured blazer to up the professionalism and make it fit for a presentation later in the semester.

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