WHAT TO WEAR: On the Quad

Great weather means it’s time to get yourself on the quad to toss a frisbee, read a book or eat lunch with some friends. The key to a perfect outfit for these activities? Staying comfy and chic (two things that I love).

This Fashionista has it down to a science. First, we’ll cover the chic part. Her outfit is monochromatic in that she uses different shades of blue. Feel free to take this outfit recipe and use your own favorite color. By sticking to one color, you’ll tie together your outfit, just like this Fashionista does.

Now for the comfy component. One of the most important pieces of her outfit is her skirt. Although skirts are something that most people would think is high maintenance, they are actually secretly comfortable. They’re a great way to look like you put a ton of effort in when you haven’t. Try this American Apparel skirt for a similar effect. A simple cotton tank keeps it perfect for any activity on this quad. This ombré dyed tank in blue from Forever 21 would be great to tie all the different shades of blue together. This Fashionista combines chic and comfy even in her shoes. Wedges are in style and have a good chunky heel so that you can walk with ease. These Anthropologie wedges are a good alternative. Lastly, accessorize by adding a fun necklace like this Fashionista.

One Simple Change: Switch the skirt with pants for a cute casual date night get-up!

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