Whether your school is in the city or its own college town, there is always a place where everyone goes to take a study break and get some Vitamin D. The quad is a place to relax, hang with friends, play a game of catch or read your favorite book. Especially during the summer, the space is filled with students socializing and finding refuge from their busy summer schedules.

This Fashionisto was spotted hanging out on the quad in perfect summer attire. His look is casual and masculine making him ready to throw around the football or relax in the green space. It was impossible to ignore this Fashionisto with his use of fabulous summer brights and his trendy cuffed shorts.

Bright colors and cuffing have been huge in men’s fashion this summer. Especially in the heat, men cuff their shorts and pants to make the look a little trendier and to stay cool. The cuffing of shorts, which has been described by Nordstrom fashion guru Tom Julian as “masculine shabby chic,” adds some sharpness to this Fashionisto’s casual ensemble. Rolled pants and shorts are meant to look spontaneous and cool, which is why it is the perfect look for lazy summer days on the quad.

Bright colored shorts have been very popular commodities this summer in men’s apparel. Salmon, mint, yellow, pink and navy are among the few of a rainbow of colors men have been sporting in the hot months. This Fashionisto rocks a bright canary yellow pair, worn with a cobalt blue crew neck. These shorts can be dressed up, but this Fashionisto takes the casual route and sports a T-shirt. A simple T-shirt is essential for the quad. When you’re going to relax and chill with friends, no need to pull out your button-ups—a colored or graphic T-shirt is the way to go.

To top off the look, this Fashionisto wears a pair of flip flops, a reliable choice of the extreme heat. They’re an easy option to slip on and off, while also sticking to the overall casual look.

The quad is a perfect place to blow off some steam, get some sun and catch up with your friends. No need to dress up to go to this carefree space, keep it casual and cool like this Fashionisto!

One Simple Change: This look would also be  perfect for a casual date on a hot summer night. Just a few little changes could be made to spice up the look for your gal. Put on a pair of boat shoes to dress up the ensemble. Make them a canvas shoe or leather to go from casual cool to casual chic.

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