WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

If there is any time that you can wear what you want, it is when you are out with your friends. The moment that first “OMG I love you!” slipped between your lips, a contract was signed that mandated a weird combination of Girl Code, unlimited access to each others’ closets and no judgment. Ever. That being said, with your friends you can play chubby bunny, send shameless snapchats and wear your craziest sequin, shoulder-padded, oversized blazer to brunch with no weird looks.

This Fashionista’s edgy, tall gladiator sandals are just the kind of risk that is perfect to take when you’re out with friends. While they may not be the most functional, your fashion savvy friends will totally appreciate the statement. Luckily, spring has finally arrived and our fun sandals can come out of the dust where they’ve been packed away to see the light. She paired hers with shorts, a striped tee and a classic denim vest for a relaxed look straight off the streets of Los Angeles.

Next time you’re thinking about investing in a piece that might be a little risky, remember that even if you are not comfortable wearing it to class or alone in public, when you’re out with friends anything goes.

One Simple Change: Swap out the shorts and sandals for a cool leather legging and some cutout booties to take your look from a day out with friends to a casual date night. Nothing says nighttime like leather, but the T-shirt and denim vest will dress it down to perfection.

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