WHAT TO WEAR: Out with Friends

Summer is the perfect season to go out and visit some old friends. The sun stays out longer, the days are brighter and the warm weather encourages everyone to breakout into creative summer style. Not to mention the extra time we all have on our hands. Now that classes are over, it gives us more time to focus on what to wear. A get-together with friends calls for an outfit that doesn’t particularly make you stand out from your friends and allows your peers to be comfortable around you, but this doesn’t mean you have to dress down! You can look fashionable without going to any extremes. Take this Fashionista for example.

I actually spotted this Fashionista while hanging out with my friends. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her shoes which featured the recent sneaker wedge trend. The sneaker wedge has taken the world by storm for its chic yet casual uptake on the classic high heel shoe. These shoes give that instant height (a.k.a. confidence boost) without the pain and aggressiveness of the high heel, hence the sneaker wedge is perfect for a casual day out with friends. These evolutionary hybrids, half wedge and half sneaker, are comfortable to wear unlike most high heeled shoes. The best part is, the wedge is hidden within the shoe, so no one can tell you’re wearing a height-boosting shoe unless they take a closer look. This means, wearing these shoes can make your legs appear naturally longer!

The rest of this Fashionista’s outfit complements her sneaker wedges. She is wearing a white sleeveless print top with a black mini skirt. The colors black and white, although they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum, can always look classic when paired together, which is what this Fashionista has done. She completes her look with a pair of oversized sunglasses in black. Oversized sunglasses can contour a face to make it appear slimmer.

One Simple Change: This look works for casual occasions, but to effortlessly transform this look for a formal date night, lose the sunglasses and switch the printed sleeveless top for a collared one.

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