WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

While half the world is busy soaking up the summer sun and getting into the holiday spirit, Melbourne is stuck in a winter abyss. Today, however, the sun came out for a few minutes, the air was warm and just for a moment it felt like the black winter of Melbourne was transformed into a summer party. Along with the shining sun, this Fashionista popped out of nowhere in all of her colorful glory.

Dressed in head to toe in color, it felt as if the sun came out to shine on this amazing outfit. This Fashionista proved that just because it’s cold does not mean we should shy away from summer colors. The key to summer dressing in the winter is layering. Start with all of your summer essentials such as bright shorts and a fun shirt and then layer up.

This Fashionista paired her cut-offs with some tights and socks to ensure she kept out the cold. Instead of wearing conventional black tights, she went with some burgundy patterned stockings with thick wool tie-dye socks. When the sun isn’t shining and the cold wind breaks through, this Fashionista is prepared with an Aztec print jumper and collegiate bomber jacket.

A fun outfit is always perfect for a day out with friends. There are absolutely no rules, you can feel free to experiment with your fashion and make it as different as you like!

One Simple Change: Put on some bright ankle boots and a skater skirt and you’ll be ready for a night of partying.

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