WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

During the summer, Tucson doesn’t have much to offer. If you are stuck in town during this hot time of the year, you must understand the annoyance of such a boring town. Lucky for me, several of my friends are in town as well so we get to hang out whenever boredom knocks on our doors.

Going out to places is great but doing it with friends always makes everything more enjoyable. The fun does not have to wait until you are together with your amigos though, it can start the minute you choose what you are going to wear!

This week’s Fashionista sure had fun putting her cute and vibrant outfit together. Black and purple were the colors chosen for the day. Black is normally avoided during such hot times but this Fashionista made sure to keep her outfit looking fresh. She matched her black shorts with a sheer purpleĀ blouse, black sandals and black straw fedora. I don’t normally find students rocking fedoras on campus so you can imagine my excitement when I found this Fashionista finding her way through the campus mall. It is always nice to find people showcasing their personal styles with confidence!

One Simple Change:Ā For a night out with your girls, leave the sandals behind and wear your tallest wedges!

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