WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

There is nothing better than meeting up with old high school friends after semester away at college. We all reminisce about the “old days” and subsequently wonder where all the time has gone. The best parts are that we get to see how everyone has evolved, what everyone has accomplished and, most importantly, how they are dressing.

Due to the countrywide heat wave, Fashionistas everywhere have been wearing more shorts and T-shirts and less tank tops and skirts. However, I spotted this unique Fashionista who decided that the heat wasn’t going to stop her from making a fierce impression on her best friends from high school.

This Fashionista opted to style a light and airy chiffon maxi skirt covered in patterned crosses with a neutral beige tank top and dainty jewelry. The most important aspect of having a bold statement piece, in this case her skirt, is that you make the rest of the outfit simple enough to allow that one piece to take center stage. She also chose to break up the color palette of the outfit with a large brown belt that accentuates her small waist, but also gives a subtle pop of color without being too loud.

One Simple Change: To make the outfit even more chic than it already is, fancy it up a bit! If this Fashionista tied her hair back, or put it up in a sock bun, the weather would not be a bother. Also, by swapping out her flower earrings for hoops, the look becomes more formal.

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