WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

After hanging out with your friends for too many hours to count, it can be easy to develop an Olsen twin like relationship. You spend so much time with another person, you start to talk the same, act the same and even dress the same. From elementary school to middle school, everyone mixed up my best friend and I, including our own parents! It probably didn’t help that we would buy the same outfits and plan to wear them on the same day. Looking back, I’m pretty sure we convinced ourselves that we were the Olsen twins.

Yet, as my best friend and I (and Mary-Kate and Ashley) grew up, our styles evolved separately and we dated older French bankers. While that actually is just Mary-Kate, we did learn that it is possible to absorb the best qualities of your friends while maintaining your individual style, as proved by these Fashionistas.

Both Fashionistas just so happen to sport white tank tops, but each style it completely differently. The Fashionista on the right rocks patterned harem pants, which I couldn’t be more obsessed with. Despite the ever-blossoming controversy surrounding these MC Hammer styled pants, I’ve always been Team Man Repeller when it comes to my stance toward them, meaning I’ve never met a pair I didn’t like.

The Fashionista on the left styles her tank with a classic high-waisted denim short accentuated by a skinny bright yellow belt, a far cry from her friend’s harem pants, but still just as chic. Her accessories, however, are really what make her outfit. The multicolored headband establishes the color palette for the whole look. These Fashionistas may both be wearing simple tops, but their unique preferences shine through effortlessly. I think it’s safe to say that if they bumped into their parents, they would be able to tell them apart.

One Simple Change: Now would be the appropriate time to acknowledge this sweltering heat wave. My go-to for this crisis has been to wear culotte shorts, which would work for both Fashionista’s looks. The special cut of the shorts helps to keep “the air circulating,” as my mother would say. They also mark the distinction between a little sweating and a heat stroke.

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