WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

The weather at the University of Notre Dame can only be described as bipolar. One day it will be 80 degrees and sunny, and then the next day it will be 40 degrees and windy. It even SNOWED a couple weeks ago, but it seems as if we are finally climbing out of the winter cave and heading towards warm (actual) spring days.

On this particular spring day, it wasn’t super hot, but it wasn’t freezing, which made it an appropriate day to bring out the spring wardrobe. I spotted this Fashionista wearing the perfect spring outfit and immediately asked her if I could snap a shot of her ensemble for CollegeFashionista. First and foremost, her pants are to die for. I am absolutely obsessed with them. The bright greens, yellows and pinks can make even the cloudiest days a tad sunnier. I love how she continues the loud theme of her pants by donning a neon belt. To balance out her bottoms, she wear a crisp white button-down that ties the look into a glorious seasonal bow of flowers and sunshine.

If you want to steal this fabulous outfit for yourself, buy a pair of colorful floral pants! Check out this eBay link for the exact same pants this Fashionista is wearing. If you don’t want to be a copycat, these River Island trousers are pretty sweet. For a little bit more skin, take a peek at these adorable floral shorts from Topshop. Then, just throw on a white button-down and a pair of sharp flats.

Due to the semi-formal feel of this look, I recommend wearing it to your next presentation! Not only is it suitable for the occasion, it also stands out, which will make you memorable and unique!

One Simple Change: To dress down this look for a more on-the-quad ensemble, opt for a white V-neck and beanie! Beanies make everything more chill.

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