WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

As the warm weather picks up into April, so does the rain. April showers bring May flowers, right? I spotted this Fashionista while walking in the light drizzle to class, but I had to let her know her outfit was very aesthetically pleasing. This is an outfit that will keep you cozy and warm while walking to classes or running errands in the rain.

This Fashionista is sporting a black sweater with ripped edges she found from a local thrift shop. I really enjoy thrifting because you can find so many clothing items with different styles and elements. Each piece has its own history and I think that is the sentimental value because if you pick out any clothing item, you’re essentially reviving it and putting your own modern twist on it. I think any black sweater is a closet necessity, especially if you want to layer it with thermals underneath and it won’t add a lot of bulk. Plus, black is the type of color the will match with anything. She paired the sweater with denim jeans from Old Navy.  The sweater and jeans combo is a match made in heaven. There is nothing better than having a big comfy sweater because they are great to lounge around in. I always get most of my sweaters in a size larger than myself because I love the way it drapes and I can layer it with bigger jackets since I get cold easily.

This Fashionista is wearing black booties from Target and pink socks that pop out and stand out. These low black boots are good for you if heels are not your thing! This Fashionista loves her black boots because they are so comfortable and versatile. For accessories, she wanted to be minimal and not accessorize too much so she is wearing her favorite rings from a local store that add a little pop of color on this gloomy day. If the rain picks up and it gets colder, you can also add more layers of comfort by adding scarfs or beanies!

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