WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

It happens to everyone. You plan the perfect day out, look out the window and it’s pouring outside. There are two options: one, you could have a duvet day or two, head out in the rain looking great. I know which one I’d pick.

First and foremost, this Fashionista has gone for practicality. A staple umbrella will sort out your hair problems and allow you to wear a jacket or coat with no hood. This makes your outfit look less heavy and more appropriate for spring, even if the weather disagrees.

I love this Fashionista’s coat. It has a preppy feel to it as well as being thick enough for the rain. However, now that summer is in full swing, stores aren’t providing us with much choice for coats. Instead, I’ve found some alternatives that fit the bill perfectly and still have the preppy feel that this Fashionista is sporting. First is a classic khaki jacket from Topshop, ideal for rainy weather as it comes with a hood but has roll-up sleeves to make turn it into a summer jacket. Another great coat is from ASOS’ sale. This coat has a winter look, very similar to this Fahsionista’s but you may have to save up for it!

This Fashionista’s bag reminds me of handbags that my mum would wear. This bag is vintage and probably from this Fashionista’s mum’s old wardrobe but still looks in great condition. This means that it has endurance for any weather conditions!

One Simple Change: This look can easily be adapted for a study group meeting, although hopefully you won’t be going to one of them for a while! Just replace the vintage bag with a satchel like this one from New Look or if you have lots to carry try a rucksack.


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