WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

This week at College Park, I’ve been scoping out how Maryland Fashionistas/os handle their style in rainy weather. Recently, the city has fell victim to numerous thunderstorms. Paired with the heat wave, the weather is almost impossible to dress for. In spite of all the rainy drama, I was able to catch a Fashionista wearing an outfit that works well in the dreary conditions, but still gives enough breathing room for the warm temperatures.

The most important part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her accessories. Her rain boots are a wise style choice. You don’t want to ruin your sandals by walking around campus in the rain. This Fashionista’s simple and elegant jewelry pieces are also great for the weather as they are not heavy. Her clothing choices prepare her for the crazy weather as well. Wearing a tank like this one from H&M and shorts these from Zara is a solid style option. Personality pieces are also brilliant for muggy weather as they add an extra element of fun to your outfit. This Fashionista chose to add rainbow socks like these from Hot Topic. With all of these weather-smart style choices, this Fashionista prepared herself for any fiascos that she would face.

The best way to dress for less-than-ideal weather conditions is to incorporate weather-appropriate accessories to your unique look.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit appropriate for a casual date night, trade this Fashionista’s rain boots and socks with flats, and switch out her shorts for slacks like these from Anthropologie. You’ll be able to have fun, look presentable and be comfortable all night long.

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