WHAT TO WEAR: School Spirit

Usually the first thought after “Terp Gear” is Under Armour. Now, I’m not bashing the brand (after all, it was created by a Maryland alumnus), but I will say that it is quite refreshing when I see Maryland pride fashioned in an alternative way. And this week, to my great enjoyment, I ran into a Fashionista doing just that! She showed her school spirit by being truly fashion-forward.

When I spoke with this Fashionista about her school spirited outfit, she said she wanted to create an ensemble appropriate for her summer internship without losing her sense of style. Her trendy pants first caught my eye. Snagged from American Apparel, these striped pants feature two of the four Maryland colors: black and white! She then paired her bottoms with classic tennis shoes by ALDO and an intricate blouse that she received as a gift. Choosing the color black for those pieces established the balance necessary to pull off such loud patterns. Her Maryland flag sunglasses are the last and most vital component to her spirited outfit. She picked them up while shopping around the downtown College Park area. This Fashionista said she loves wearing them because they are unique and practical for the sunny summer.

The most important aspect of mixing school spirit and fashion is to keep it modest. Remain true to your own style while incorporating subtle hints of school spirit. Whether that is accomplished by a Maryland T-shirt or simply the school colors is up to you.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit perfect for a fancy date night, switch this Fashionista’s pants with a circle skirt, like this lace one by Nanette Lepore. Sticking with black for an outfit gives the sophistication for an evening with your significant other.

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