WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

Summer isn’t the only S word us Fashionista/os think about when the sun rears its head and the temperatures soar. I know what you are thinking… That’s right, SHOPPING. What better way to spend our days off than taking to the streets in search for some fresh, summer duds.

While choosing your ensemble its important to keep in mind the activity of shopping. You’ll be sifting through clothing racks, searching for the perfect fit and shedding your ensemble multiple times, so it’s essential to incorporate pieces of comfort and easiness into your look.

This Fashionista has all the necessary elements for a killer, shopping ensemble. Mixing aesthetics with a preppy, horizontally stripped top, sleek, all-white mini and sporty, high-top Pumas, her look comes together flawlessly as all the pieces complement one another in unique ways.

Keeping it simple when it comes to accessories with a cross-body bag and oversized, copper watch, this Fashionista creates the perfect balance of fashion and no fuss for an effortless look.

One Simple Change: We all know how cold Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s and some boutiques can be, so swap out the mini skirt for a pair of geometric printed pants. Throw on these printed DVF leggings for an easy and comfortable climate change. The look would also be great when heading to your next concert!

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