WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

If there’s one thing most Fashionistas can agree on it’s that nice weather brings on a need to go scouring for good finds. Whether you’re a spur of the moment shopper or — like me — you plan the day out to a T, you need to give considerable thought to what you’re going to wear.

While most of us think it’s best to dress to the aces, I find it distracting. Much like this Fashionista, I’ve always believed in the old adage: “less is more.” It’s key to stick to the basics — mostly to reduce the time you spend in the dressing room — and favor comfort. Of course comfort doesn’t mean shabby so stay away from the sweatsuits and ratty T-shirts. I once read that these trips call for comfortable yet flattering undergarments to minimize the chances of making rash and unflattering choices. Personally I opt for whimsical Fruit of the Loom bikini panties and pair them with my favorite Victoria’s Secret bra. Why? Because that’s what I’m most likely to wear daily. That, Fashionistas/os, is the golden rule.

This Fashionista hits the nail on the head by opting for a classic knee-length button-down shirt dress that can easily slid on and off. The simple cut, rolled-up sleeves and tan color gives her a casual look that anyone can emulate. Yet by buttoning it up all the way she adds a subtle chic that is always appropriate. The lack of jewelry or accessories give extra attention to her in vogue bob and understated but defining makeup. I love her back-to-basics white tennis shoes, which give the look a clean finish while her mini wallet holds the necessities allowing her to browse without hindrance.

One Simple Change: Swap the tennis shoes for some bejeweled flip flops and throw the wallet in a tote and plop a wide brimmed hat on your head, and you’ll be ready for a day at the beach!

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