WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

What always brightens up my day is shopping! I don’t know about you but I can always use some retail therapy. Going through piles of clothing and sifting through the racks to find a piece that catches my eye is always fun but also tiresome. Your goal is to create a shopping outfit that is cute but comfortable, which is sometimes a hassle. It needs to be pieces that are easy to slide on and off for trying things on in the dreadful overcrowded dressing rooms. Just remember “easy” does not always translate to yoga pants.

This Fashionista found a perfect combination of comfortable yet effortless. Her black maxi skirt is a simple piece that will be easy to navigate through different stores. Pairing her maxi skirt with a floral crop top was a visually interesting piece that catches the eye. By throwing a jean jacket on top the look was complete. Adding rhinestone sandals gave the ensemble the perfect amount of wow factor that it needed.

The last thing about this Fashionita’s outfit is the cross-body bag. An over the shoulder bag is one of the best bags to bring along on a shopping adventure. It is small enough so it is out of your way during your new outfit search but big enough to stuff your phone and keys in. Nobody wants to carry a huge purse along with their Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville bags!

One Simple Change: Change the maxi for a pair of high-waisted shorts and leave the jacket at home. Slip your feet into a pair of white converse and you will transform the look to casual weekend wear attire.

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