WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

Summer in Ann Arbor feels incomplete without at least one solid day of shopping. Whether perusing the hidden thrift shops or hitting up the farmer’s market, this city is full of places where you can show off your style while you lighten your wallet. Regardless of what kind of shopping you plan to do, what you wear can make all the difference in your experience. This time of year, less is definitely more and comfort is key.

It seems as though dark-wash jeans have gotten an unnecessary amount of hype up until recently, when all our favorite ’90s trends were revived everywhere, from the runways to the streets. This Fashionista’s light-wash jeans are the perfect contrast to the exhausted dark jeans of years past. I can think of a lot of people, besides myself, who would be proud (primarily our favorite childhood sitcom stars, Uncle Jesse, anyone?) of the current popularity of denim. Her floral tank with lace detail ties at the bottom, keeping it loose and airy, which is a must when you’ve dedicated yourself to a day of shopping.

A couple other necessities for me are flat shoes and a cross-body bag. When I was younger, my mom would always try to force me into wearing tennis shoes when we walked more than a block, but I always protested (being the little Fashionista I was and still am) and instead opted for a flat sandal. Clearly, this Fashionista’s comfortable strappy sandals will serve her well.

This Fashionista’s classic Coach cross-body bag is big enough to carry the essentials and can easily be tossed over her shoulder. Sometimes, dealing with an oversized bag while sorting through racks of clothes can be the difference between life and death, so this should not to be taken lightly by serious shoppers!

One Simple Change: For a casual date night, this Fashionista could switch her jeans for this mint ruffled skirt. The soft color perfectly suits the pastel floral print of her top, keeping the look feminine and fun.

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