WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

We fashion lovers know that shopping is a necessary outing in our busy schedules. Attending a fashion school, it is not rare to find students sneaking off campus for a quick shopping spree. I found this Fashionista heading to SoHo for a retail fix in between classes.

In the midst of a shopping spree, nobody wants to be bothered by dealing with an uncomfortable outfit. This is where the maxi skirt outfit chosen by this Fashionista is perfect for any sales coming her way.

The paisley-printed maxi skirt is a bold, fun statement. Pairing it with a beige sweater, the outfit simply creates a cute look. A sweater is a key element while shopping to avoid having to carry around a cumbersome jacket. Another highlight of this outfit is the pair of oxford-styled flats. The beige color allows for the maxi skirt to be the main focus of the outfit.

This Fashionista uses her jewelry as a way to add flair to her look. With gold midi rings and a long charmed necklace, her look is subtly decorated. Lastly, this Fashionista sports a maroon and gold clutch to tie the look together. Wearing a neutral-colored top and shoe wear forces her satchel to be a statement bag. Check out this bright clutch that can be similarly used as a pop of color for your ensemble.

One Simple Change: After a long shopping spree, you may be tempted to change your outfit into newly purchased clothing. However, that is not totally necessary with an outfit such as this. Swap out the sweater for a black crop top and throw on a black pair of wedge heels. This look will prepare you for a well-deserved girls night out after a long day of shopping. Sounds perfect to me!

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