For some, spring may consist of wearing sandals, a pair of denim shorts, cropped top and sunglasses. However, spring in Chicago can still get a little chilly and windy. Students on my campus are still wearing leggings, sweaters and even scarves. Even though it can be less motivating to dress up because of the cold temperatures, this Fashionista proved me that no matter how cold it can get, she still can look stylish as ever.

This Fashionista wore her mid-rise skinny jeans and turtleneck top in orange. The colors she chose in her outfit relatively match, which helps them look put-together. To top it off, she also wore her favorite peacoat in teal in order to stand out even more. Since it’s spring, coats in vibrant colors are always best because it matches the theme of the season.

When it comes to the accessories, this Fashionista decided to keep it cool. She used her crossbody satchel purse in gray and her chelsea boots in light brown, which is actually perfect for a long day ahead. To add, she also wore a patterned scarf just in case temperatures rise. Despite the chilly weather, this Fashionista still enjoyed dressing up on her first day of spring.

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