WHAT TO WEAR : Suave Suiting

Men, do you ever get tired of wearing the same suit pieces to every event that you go to? Are you constantly deciding between the simple all-black suit, brown suit or even a white button-down? You deserve to stand out with your looks also; that is why this look is a great way to change up your style and stand out, but also stay budget friendly!

This look is great for the upcoming season, as it includes different shades of blues and grey, but adds a touch of brown with the accessories to tie the whole look together. Remember, simplicity is key when it comes to tying your suit together! Stick with one color hue and alternate your jacketpants and tie around these colors; then let your accessories do the rest of the talking.

As you can see with this Fashionisto’s look, his tie barglasses and shoes all take his outfit to the next level while adding contrast with the shades of blue that he has used. Also, do not be afraid of patterns! Whether it is dots, stripes or plaid, play with your patterns, and find a way to tie them back into your outfit.

Now before you go out and buy pricy suit pieces and accessories, remember to start with what you have first. If you have a black suit, start by adding a patterned button-down underneath, and tie it together with a colored tie—or even invest in a different color jacket that you can combine with all of your dress pants.

Always be knowledgeable and willing to learn what suits you best, but also be willing to adapt to the changes that fashion has to offer. Before you know it you will be standing out at any event!

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