WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Music festivals are rapidly approaching y’all! For a lot of people, including the students here at Notre Dame, this means traveling to places like California (Coachella in a few days!). If you want to look cute and comfortable whilst traveling (think Urban Outfitters road trip style), continue reading for some inspiration!

When I spotted this Fashionista walking out of the dining hall, I knew I had to snap a photo of her outfit for CollegeFashionista. She reps a whimsical spring look with her bright yellow and white dress, which she pairs with a crisp denim jacket and clean white Keds.

The sneakers and dress combo is very in this spring because Teen Vogue editor Mary Kate Steinmiller told me so on Twitter. The combo is not only playfully adorable, but it is also very functional. Opting for sneakers instead of sandals or flats brings more comfort and faster mobilization. Picture a scenario in which you’re running a little late and need to catch your next flight or train on time. Which would you rather sprint in: sandals, flats or sneakers? I feel like you’d have to be crazy or Usain Bolt if you didn’t choose sneakers.

To snag this travel-friendly ensemble for yourself, start off with a charming spring dress. I’m a fan of this floral one from Urban Outfitters or this tiered white sundress also from Urban Outfitters. Next, add a denim jacket¬†or, if you’re looking for more of an edge, a leather jacket. And for the perfect and necessary last touch, the sneaks! Choose some sharp white Keds, like this Fashionista’s, or go with my favorite classic Vans.

Then, just pack your bags and enjoy your traveling adventure! Coachella or bust.

One Simple Change: For a heat wave, get rid of the layers and just sport the spring dress. Switch the sneakers for some strappy sandals.

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