WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

We all know that themes are an important part of fashion. Certain patterns remind us of certain events or locations. Florals reminds us of spring and dark colors remind us of fall; a lot of social associations are made through patterns and colors.

This Fashionisto is coolly sporting a pale blue and white striped button-down shirt paired with tan chinos and navy blue and tan boat shoes. This outfit is perfect for holiday parties. It shows sophistication because of the structure of the shirt and pants but the shoes add a casual flair that’s perfect for any party on land or sea.

Speaking of sea, this summer especially, there have been tons of boat parties in Barbados. Not everyone loves a rocking nautical adventure but this Fashionisto proves you can wear nautical prints without the fear of sinking.

Pale blue and white are great colors for summer because they are cooling. The button-down shirt makes for a crisp and put-together appearance, not to mention that vertical stripes always give the illusion of a longer and slimmer body. Who doesn’t like a flattering illusion?

The outfit is all tied together by a healthy dose of tan brought to us by the skinny cut chinos and boat shoes, both great unisex trends. Boat shoes especially have been a top trend for at least a year with no visible sign of dropping off the fashion radar. These shoes are classic, comfortable and great to wear with almost any outfit. A great everyday shoe for vacation!

One Simple Change: Heat wave? Keep the shoes but switch the button-down for a graphic print vest and the tan trousers for tan shorts!

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