WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

Summer is in full swing. This means less time spent in stuffy classrooms and more time spent frolicking in the sun. Now that the stress of the school year is behind us, we have more free time to enjoy ourselves. For many of us, that means vacation time! There’s nothing better than a weekend away to forget about all your troubles. This time of year many of us are escaping to theme parks and beaches.

This Fashionista was spotted out at a theme park. At places like this, most people are just trying to be comfortable, but she knows how to do that and stand out in the crowd. She is wearing on of the summer’s biggest trends… high-waisted shorts. Her black shorts have a bleached splatter detail. She pairs the shorts with a camo print T-shirt. Although both pieces are bold, this Fashionista still manages to make them flow well. She finishes off her look with a theme park must…sneakers. She is rocking simple black Nike Free Runs. This is perfect because of the prints in her outfit. They are simple and blend in easily with her eye-catching outfit.

This look is funky and fun but does not overdo it. It is also comfortable and unique. To recreate this look, take note from this Fashionista because she is fearless and willing to take a risk. When deciding what to wear, try pairing two contrasting patterns. Forget about matching and just make sure you own your look!

One Simple Change: The Nike running shoes are perfect for all of the walking done on a vacation. For day to day activities swap them for a pair of gladiator sandals and this look is ideal for a casual daytime date.

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