WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

For us New Englanders it’s been a challenge figuring out what to wear on a minute to minute basis. Summer 2013 has been a head scratcher thus far. We’ve been hit with rainstorms that have led to flash flooding and — so I hear — we’ll be facing a massive heat wave in the coming days. Those of us who take family vacations by the seashore can tell you that — blame it on the tides or the lack of shielded buildings — the weather’s every whim seem to be ridiculously intensified.

While some have succumbed to the biting winds by taking the turtlenecks, leggings and heavy knit scarves out of storage, there are those of us who refuse to give up on wearing the cute summer wardrobe we spent most of spring amassing. While short skirts and dresses aren’t an option at the moment, denim shorts are more than welcome. This garment has made a comeback as a closet staple thanks to its various lengths, styles and versatility.These bright smiled sisters show us just how to take the staple from day to night in three easy, straight forward steps. Go for comfort with a girly lavender penny loafer and a simple pair of TOMS or femininity with a subtle body-revealing corset, a defining waist belt and leg extending platforms.

One Simple Change: These weekend getaways often end with an obligatory dinner with the parents. To make either look parent-certified, feel free to add a short, wide-collared knitted cardigan or a oversized blazer. For a dash of color, casually throw on a fun silk scarf around the lapels or inside the collar. You’ll fit in with the effortlessly chic New Englanders while eliminating the hours of primping.

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