WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

If you’re anything like me, the weekend never comes soon enough. Two whole days with no obligations or worries (I may be exaggerating just the slightest bit), is a much appreciated break from the reality we call school. The best part about this break is the fact that it can be spent in any way you desire. Visit downtown with your ladies/fellas or kick back and catch up on that guilty pleasure TV show. However you choose to occupy your weekends, don’t forget that you can still embrace your inner Fashionista/o. In fact, you should be spending the extra time on putting a little more thought into those ensembles; take some risks and be a little adventurous. Weekends are the perfect time to explore your fashion palate.

This Fashionista put in work on her ensemble and it shows. It hits that seamless balance of poise and posh. The ¾ sleeve sweater dress is a great piece for the fall season. She pairs this body hugging number with a floral patterned infinity scarf, brown riding boots and vintage earrings. As a whole, this ensemble goes above and beyond.

Put in a little extra work on your weekend wear with this weeks fashionable finds. Basics first, this H&M sweater dress is simple and understated. There are a variety of color choices, all nice cool jewel tones that are perfect for the fall season and easy to pair with other pieces. Soft jersey makes this dress form fitting while still being comfortable. This is without a doubt an easy number to dress up to your liking for some weekend adventures. Looking for a different style? Then this Target shirtdress is a great option. This dress has a menswear element to it that makes it effortlessly sexy. The looser fit cinches in at the smallest part of the waist, making it a universally flattering dress. Accessorize these fashionable finds with this scarf from Forever 21. The chain trim gives this scarf an edgy twist. With your choice of black or white, this scarf can easily be paired with a variety of ensembles. And the final touch, some vintage jewelry; eBay has a tons of vintage pieces. Check out the collection I’ve put together to help put that final touch on your ensemble.

One Simple Change: A cold weather front threatening to ruin your weekend wear? Don’t fret; with the addition of a few pieces you will be ready to face that front. Slip on some tights (sheer, knit, patterned, whatever your heart desires) and your favorite pea coat or other cold weather jacket. With these quick additions you will be ready to take the weekend by storm, even if one hits.

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