WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

While many college students are ready to spend their Saturday sleeping in till four, never changing out of their pajamas and watching four episodes of Scandal (no judgment, I just prefer to stay up late watching Olivia Pope rock my world), I have never been the type. I like to wake up by 11, scope out a brunch spot with a fantastic eggs benedict, although I would settle for Nutella pancakes, put on a semblance of an outfit and enjoy a day with friends. Call me active. While my outfits often consist of jeans, boots and a T-shirt (I love the ones at Madewell), this Fashionista rocked her Saturday with a comfortable and chic outfit.

Just like Drake, we will start from the bottom. Flat boots are a must-have for any weekend activity with your friends, especially active ones. Her flat, suede pair were perfect for a day spent walking. I loved how she left her ripped jeans over her boots. While that might usually be a fashion faux pas, this Fashionista killed it. The oversized parka was a lovely casual accent. The neutral color didn’t attract too much attention, but the silhouette and pocket gave her outfit some depth. Finally, the chunky infinity scarf, clearly a winter must-have, kept her snug as a bug and toasty.

One Simple Change: Swap the flat boots for a pair of Converse or Vans and you are ready for a day of errands. You might think that boots are super comfortable, but I know a pair of flat arches that will negate that real quickly.

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