WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

So, spring 2014 menswear is now showing. I have to say that I’m slightly in love with Giorgio Armani’s collection. But that’s not all! Guys, it’s the Fourth of July! We’re allowed to gorge ourselves with BBQ, apple pie, sweet tea and ice cream. We can dress in our most star-spangled attire. We get to watch fireworks burst across the stars. Ooh, I felt a little Kerouac coming across there. In any case, I have for you today, for your viewing pleasure, a Fashionista ready to lounge about during the weekend.

We’ll go head to toe. This Fashionista had just finished photographing people when I pounced. As is common, she just pulled her hair out of her eyes and into a loose ponytail.  She donned a magnificent pair of red glasses (I’m jealous. I wish I could rock a large pair of frames.) Nothing fancy, her Black Angels band T-shirt contrasts nicely with the dark printed jeans.

Holy cow, what a pair of jeans. I’m kicking myself for not getting a detail shot on the print. They’re lovely, absolutely lovely. They’re like a floral, Rorschach, splatter print. This Fashionista topped off those jeans with a pair of worn cowboy boots— a staple in Southern society. She’s not afraid to wearing contrasting neutrals (if neutrals can be contrasting), I must say! I’ve always been a proponent of all neutrals matching, so it’s nice to see that new aesthetic. I love how she used a sort of light-dark-light approach. Playing with the light, she thinned out her legs and balanced her shoulders and feet. Even for just a lazy weekend, this is how you create.

One last thing— Happy Fourth, y’all! Rock those stars and stripes!

One Simple Change: Top with a leather jacket. Look cool.

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