WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

T.G.I.F means “Thank God It’s Friday” for most people, but to others it means, “Thank God I’m a Fashionista.” When the weekend rolls around, the young interns of Long Island like to strip off the work clothes and ballet flats, throw on some jean shorts and T-shirts and make their way to the beach. However, the Fashionistas of Long Island take each weekend as a chance to show New York and the world what they are all about.

I spotted this Fashionista in a casual white tank from Brandy Melville, a pair of Wild Fox jean shorts and some casual ALDO wedges. She spiced up this comfy outfit with some vintage accessories she acquired from her travels to Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. After snapping a few pictures of this Fashionista, I noticed her beautiful evil-eye bracelets and necklace. These charms are worn to ward off “evil-eyes” which, in many cultures, are believed to cause injury or bad luck to those who receive it. Jennifer Fisher Jewelry has a line of evil-eye rings, necklaces, bracelets and charms that set them selves apart from the typical evil-eye charms. They are very delicate pieces that you can layer and wear as sets and I am absolutely obsessed with every single piece.

This Fashionista personalized her outfit with a vintage brown leather messenger bag. She bought this bag on her trip to India and fell in love with its handmade details and intricate designs. I think it is very important to add a little bit of yourself and to customize every outfit. Wear your DIY ripped jeans, show off your favorite beaded bracelets and take pride in what you love for it will come through in your ensemble.

One Simple Change: If you switch from wedges to sneakers, this outfit is perfect for running errands.

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