WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Ahh the weekends! So much to look forward to! Time off from the job and time to relax, have fun, go out and adventure. The options are endless when the weather is good. Making plans is first priority, but deciding what to wear is the top second.

This Fashionista is an out and about type of girl. Wherever the day, road or agenda takes her she is ready to roll out. Being that she does not have set plans, her outfit can be worn for multiple occasions. The torn black denim shorts give off a casual, laid back vibe, while her white see-through top dresses up the entire ensemble. Throw on a black bandeau underneath and you are ready for the hot summer sunshine. Or if you really want to spice it up why not try lace or even a printed bandeau?

Her studded booties with buckles are an easy chic choice of shoe to wear anywhere. They won’t break your ankles if you are walking a ways, yet they keep the ensemble a little more dressed up. Her black purse can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. This is a perfect choice because it is easy to carry on the go and it is not too big or too small.

Can’t forget about her accessories! Now’s the time to go crazy with multiple different jewelry styles! This Fashionista chose different styles of rings to add diversity and show off her creative side in an aesthetically pleasing way. The gold watch is classic and trendy. Her simple necklace and nose ring give the finishing edge to her overall glow. To top it off this Fashionista is rocking ombré hair. Watch out, weekenders! This Fashionista’s smile is ready!

One Simple Change: Lose the black denim shorts and trade it for a long black maxi skirt and you are ready to meet the parents!

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