WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekend is a magical time of vast potential. Will you spend the treasured days chilling with friends, spending time with family, shopping or dancing the nights away? No matter what you do, when you do it on the weekend, it somehow just seems a little sweeter. This Fashionisto was spotted looking snazzy, and in this ensemble he is certainly ready for some weekend adventures.

I love how bold his look is! It’s very trendy and geek chic. He starts with a great base: salmon Chubbies. Solid colored shorts are a must for any Fashionisto’s wardrobe (a trend I discussed in further detail in my WHAT TO WEAR: Class post). The Hawaiian print button-down is fun and bold and can be rocked out to a nice lunch, on the quad playing frisbee with friends or poolside. Don’t be afraid of the bold print. It’s a trend popping up everywhere from California to Chicago to Colorado.

The mid-calf socks and sneakers look is a trend worn by Fashionistos with all different styles from preppy to skater. Try this look with a bold print sock. Urban Outfitters and HUF have great selections. This Fashionisto picked thick frames in a classic and popular shape for his glasses. Don’t wear glasses? Rock a fake pair to get the same look. His look is casual and versatile. It’s fun and fresh and shows off his fearless personal style. In this look, he’s ready to go wherever his weekend takes him.

One Simple Change: Swap the Hawaiian shirt for one in a more subdued print and switch the sneakers and socks out for boat shoes for a more formal but still beachy feel.


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